Noble Fir

When one thinks of the traditional Christmas Tree, this is it! Noble Fir has a beautiful spruce like appearance with soft blue-green needles on evenly spaced strong branches – perfect for heavy ornaments. They keep really well and have a very pleasant distinctive pine scent. Noble Fir trees come in a variety of style – some are full and bushy while others have a more open, layered appearance.

Nordman Fir

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but few can argue that Nordman Fir is among the most beautiful conifers. Described by many as “stately, elegant, perhaps the most handsome of the firs.” Nordmann Fir is by far the most popular Christmas Tree species in Europe. It has glossy, dark green needles directed forward giving a smooth appearance. There are two distinct white bands of stomata on the underside of the needles, which produces a silvery effect when the undersides of the branches are visible. Nordman Fir has outstanding symmetrical form and a relatively open branch structure with distinct whorls.

Lodgepole Pine

The Lodgepole Pine is a full, bushy tree with long green needles with a wonderful natural pine scent. Representing excellent value the strong branches of the Lodgepole Pine can hold heavy decorations and ornaments and most probably the best tree for needle retention

Nothing beats the beautiful aroma of fresh pine as you enter our shop evoking happy memories of Christmases gone by & giving the promise of many more to come. Come and get your perfect Christmas Tree at Belfield this year. We will net it, take it to your car and secure it for it’s journey to your home.