Make it a magical Christmas, visit a real Christmas Tree Farm to pick your own tree

We have hundreds of freshly growing trees to choose from. All you have to do is decide on your own favourite tree & we’ll cut it for you! Or just come and choose your Christmas tree from a wide selection of freshly cut trees. We stock Noble fir , Nordman Fir and Lodgepole pine.

From generation to generation Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a real tree, make it the fun and memorable part of your festive celebrations. Its their wonderful pine smell, beautiful soft needle foliage, and stunning shape and your creative decorative style that makes it special and worlds apart from their plastic cousins. It’s no wonder Santa prefers them too!

At Belfield Christmas Trees our trees are 100% Irish product and have 8 to 10 year life cycle depending on the sizes. After harvesting in December all trees are replanted the following spring so the harvesting of real Christmas trees does not harm the environment in any way. Real Christmas trees contribute significantly to the atmosphere – removing carbon dioxide and other gases and producing fresh oxygen.

  • Thank you for supporting a local family business
  • Ample Car Parking
  • Tree Wrapping Service for easy transport home
  • Delivery and collection service available

How to care for your Christmas Tree

  • Your Christmas tree is a living plant and needs to be treated as such. Always place tree in a position away from a direct source of heat i.e. a radiator and leave room to water it regularly.
  • Leave your Christmas tree outside until you are ready to put it up as this will help it to last a little longer.
  • Before standing the tree carefully scape the bottom of the trunk with a sharp knife as this will help it absorb water and help with dehydration.
  • Large trees require a pint of water a day so make sure you keep your tree hydrated – either fill your stand with water and replenish as required or keep a large bowl of water near your tree.
  • Always think of safety at Christmas, ensuring to unplug tree lights before watering the tree, before going to bed and whenever the tree is unattended.
  • Avoid hitting off and interfering with your tree once decorated. This will ensure that in retains its needles better(don’t have the plug behind the treeas you will have to come in contact each time you turn lights on or off

Standing the tree

  • Just a tip when standing your tree as most years we have a few queries on this so hopefully this will help
  • It is easier to handle the tree while still netted so rip net at base of trunk to get access to Christmas tree and leave tree in netting, if you are using a “screw in” stand which majority of our customers are. This stand simply screws in fully to the base of the tree and it is very easy to stand the tree. If a hole has not already been drilled into the base of your tree, drill a hole in line with the leader (use a 6mm drill bit for a 12mm screw) Stand the tree upright. If it is leaning to one side, put your foot on the leg on the side towards which it is leaning; grip the tree at chest height and push it gently away from you until it is upright.

If your space is limited?

We offer a huge variety of trees of all sizes perfect for your home whatever the size or budget cut trees starting from €30. Potted Christmas Trees also available from €40 fantastic for needle retention.