Growing a Christmas tree

Belfield Nursery (3)All Christmas trees are grown from seed which are grown in specialist nurseries for up to 3 years. The trees are then planted out in the field either by a mechanical planting machine or by spade
The trees are fertilised as required by soil testing and observation by the expert grower. Weed control is also a very important feature of Christmas tree growing at this early stage. This is achieved by the use of weed cutting equipment and spraying with a weed killer. This is kept to a minimum to protect the soil and the environment.
The next stage is the base pruning which is the removal of the lower branches to make weed control and feeding easier and also increases airflow throughout the plantation. This is done at about year 3 after planting. As trees reach 4 to 5 foot high we start to bud pick the top whorl each May. This helps to give the tree is traditional conical shape and increase the full appearance near the top. Leader control also starts about this time which is a process to slow the growth of the leader to again give a fuller appearance nearer the top. This can be carried out up to three times in the months of June and July.
Throughout their time on the farm we continuously prune and shape our trees to achieve the best fullest looking tree possible. We are always watching our trees to ensure that they are not under attack from any pests or diseases