Standing the tree

Belfield Nursery (19)Just a tip when standing your tree as most years we have a few queries on this so hopefully this will help

It is easier to handle the tree while still netted so rip net at base of trunk to get access to Christmas tree and leave tree in netting, if you are using a “screw in” stand which majority of our customers are. This stand simply screws in fully to the base of the tree and it is very easy to stand the tree. If a hole has not already been drilled into the base of your tree, drill a hole in line with the leader (use a 6mm drill bit for a 12mm screw) Stand the tree upright. If it is leaning to one side, put your foot on the leg on the side towards which it is leaning; grip the tree at chest height and push it gently away from you until it is upright.