Monthly Archives: October 2014

Standing the tree

Just a tip when standing your tree as most years we have a few queries on this so hopefully this will help It is easier to handle the tree while still netted so rip net at base of trunk to get access to Christmas tree and leave tree in netting, if you are using a…
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How to Care for your Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is a living plant and needs to be treated as such. Here are a few guideling to help you get the most from your tree this Season. • Always place your tree away from a direct source of heat i.e. a radiator, open fire etc. • Leave your Christmas tree outside until…
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Growing a Christmas tree

All Christmas trees are grown from seed which are grown in specialist nurseries for up to 3 years. The trees are then planted out in the field either by a mechanical planting machine or by spade The trees are fertilised as required by soil testing and observation by the expert grower. Weed control is also…
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